Saturday, 10 July 2010

What's $200 in £????

Over on the motivation station they're trying to see how far $200 will get you buying groceries, some posters hope to make it last 5 weeks, but I'll need tofind a currency converter to try this out- maybe about £300, need to check that but it's a challenge I can't resist!
Our second holiday over to Islay has had to be cancelled because after hubby's run in with head-butting thug, he needs rhinoplastic surgery and it has to be done when he's next home - so the ferry has been cancelled and all arrangements scrapped :(
The police have got nowhere finding the guy who did it and we're left with hubby needing surgery and a nasty taste in our mouths - not been back to Asda since it happened but should go to see if they've removed the sail-boards on the ceiling so the CCTV could be used to help others! So frustrating, grrrrr!!!!
Onto better thoughts, I've binned formal dieting and am using controlled eating, which mainly means thinking about what I'm doing *do I really want this?* *do I really need this?* and so far have lost another 2lbs in 2 weeks so having more success at the moment but still weighing snacks and carbs, eating loads of veg but less fruit - don't think the fructose was helping my quest for a fitter bod!
Oh and I've taken up running, only on the treadmill but I can sustain 11.5kms for minute bursts, I know I'm better at rowing but I can do 1km in 7.58mins which is mince but can only get better, 6months ago it took me 22.35mins to do 2kms so it's improving slowly but took my eye off the ball whilst concentrating on other things and have decided to work on improving my speed and style to speed up my weightloss too!
Right off to find a currency converter to see how far $200 will take me in Scotland, lol!!!

£303.03, I was pretty close so off to work out some menus:)

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