Tuesday, 13 July 2010

That was a surprise that wasn't!

Hubby was told on Friday that he was being sent home early to get his broken nose fixed and because he wasn't needed on the ship in dry dock, but somebody has changed the rules and they need him now, :(
I have a to-do list that was getting too long for one week so I'm trying not to be too pleased he's staying aboard. The other thing is that he needs to stay out of the country for more than 6months each year to keep his tax money, so although it would have been good to see him, he would have had to stay out of the country at another time to make the right percentages
We were frantically painting the hall a light, supposed cream colour but it's pretty white, to give him a surprise but the steam's gone out of that now, no panic but I've a few ideas on new curtains that used to be in the lounge for the front door and to line the bathroom and bedroom doors as the frosted glass is a bit too see-through, oops!
So I've ended up with plenty of time to get these things done, must dig the sewing machine out of it's box and see how it actually works!!
I felt really pleased when I could tick off several items at once on my to-do list, yay:):)

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