Sunday, 25 July 2010

Who owns BP??

Who owns BP??? Just watched Barrack Obama blethering on telly and decided to check why the British are getting this in the neck. Innocent or guilty, the company have been skating on thin ice for years with health and safety issues but I took a dim view of the british % being made the bogyman when the american % is only 1point less!
UK investors 40%, US investors (inc JPMorgan) 39%, Rest of Europe 10%, Rest of World 7%,
Miscellaneousc 4%
Feel free to criticise the company BP but it's a mistake to think the letters stand for British Petroleum!

My apologies for the mini-rant but one gets tired of listening to others aportioning blame where it should be shared.
Oh and just as an aside, very few people I know think the Lockerbie bomber should have been released but would be very interested in seeing the documents from both UK and US govts on that one, ours for all the use they were, have been published already!
Need to get to the gym later, far too grumpy today, grrrr!

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