Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Tuesday :)

Well things are going well today too, started off a bit late and had tow tiny petit filous for brekky before running out to the hairdressers where I was much more relaxed for a change, something I'm not famous for!
After that it was lunch and then kids to the gym for a workout and swim, youngest sat with me for 30mins until the older ones were ready for swimming and they didn't appear for another hour, longest swim session ever. My ankle's still very achey so last day of rest for it, looking forward to getting some rowing done tomorrow when youngest's at mini-cirkids, and showing eldest some weights exercises that I can do now always a good boost for my confidence and for his when he realises he can do them too!!
So the list is complete for today, I even remembered to take the meter readings for the gas and electric as we're changing suppliers, an extra to tick off the list yay!!

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