Friday, 30 July 2010


Well I slipped a little today and didn't get tea in the oven before going to the gym, but I have an excuse,,,,,,, we had to leave early to drop daughter off for one of the gardens she does and if I'd put the chicken in the oven then it would have been cooking for over 4 hours - pizza night was a good alternative and with 40mins swimming along with a serious weights session at the gym, I reckoned I'd get away with it lol!
I can finally say that my dumbell weights are now 7kg for all exercises which isn't too bad considering I started on 4kgs in Jan and had a very inconsistent record for a while but even with the holidays I'm managing 4 sessions a week, 2 are weights ones and the other 2 are cardio, along with lots of swimming with the youngest when the older 2 are in the gym.
It's been a different summer but we've managed to have quite a lot of fun and I've kept track of my eating and exercise. It'll be very tricky next week when Al's in hospital but I can only do my best with such a worry - rhinoplastic surgery isn't very pleasant or pain-free so lots of TLC will be needed but I'll be doing lots of special cooking which actually means not much eating - I often find that by the time everything's ready I've gone off the idea!!

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