Thursday, 29 July 2010

Wednesday and Thursday

Had a great day y/day, spent it at a friends house with the children helping to clear the monoblock driveway of weeds. We took our garden hose and extention cable so we could get the powerwasher going as it's a long driveway but we hit a snag, the hose attachment for the outside tap didn't fit, awwwww, so they had to do it the old-fashioned way with a stiff brush and little gardening fork. But they rose to the challenge and got half of it done, which was pretty good going in amongst the showers and daughter got some more of the wall she's biuulding done - so all in all we got lots done and had a great blether at the same time!
Today's task was to get them all down to the hairdressers for serious levels of tidying up, youngest was 'tidied up' by his sister with our hair clippers last week but it was needing some help as our clippers are pretty knackered and she struggled, Daughter's and eldest's hair was needing a decent chop but the instructions for daughter was feminine short with soft edges as the last time it was far too boyish and as she's very slim and nearly 6ft tall it didn't really flatter her at all - this time was much more sucessful and she got exactly what she wanted befoire she goes off on her holiday. Eldest is fairly straighforward - much shorter than it is now, thanks and you've guessed it, he's happy with his cut too.
So I have lovely, smart children who are willingly doing chores as I actually remembered to get real cash out and pay them for their efforts at the weekend - now they've got actual cash to count and want more, bless them:)

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