Monday, 29 August 2011

I did it!!

Well despite various thwarted attempts, I finally managed to set up a membership for our local sports centres :-) I get the use of 12 sports centres with varying facilities but will be using the East Sands, St Andrews and Cupar ones the most, but I'll have a shot at some of the others just for fun! I'm booked in for an induction for the gym at East Sands tomorrow night but am hoping to change that so I can go with my pal when he pays his dues tomorrow - it'll be a saturday or monday next week but it'll get us started!

Today I found another challenge site for swimming, and have already started the Loch Ness challenge, which I know I've done it before but not with this all-singing all-dancing stuff, lol, I'm a sucker for gismos now and will be getting my pal to do it too, then we'll see who wins - always work better with a challenge, yay!! I've done 2.1% already in two sessions and my fastest 25m was 37sec, which is pretty slow again but it can only get faster :-)

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

New house, new school, new term!

Well the school year started today in Scotland and junior had a really good first day in 2nd year at his new school, made new friends already and even if they fall out, he knows he's got plenty more to choose from as he attends one of the biggest in Scotland:-)
I've been decorating and digging out weeds depending on the weather, and discovering that I can handle a drill for towels rails, make chests of drawers and beds!! I was never stopped from doing these things, just lazy as the husband always did them, I did do some bookshelves and small stuff to show my daughter that us girls can do some stuff though I had got much more laid back, so I've enjoyed getting to grips with some serious diy!!
The garden was a grass-cutters dream, that's all that had happened for about 6 years, borders, bushes and small trees all left to go their own way, so with the help of gardener daughter, her musician boyfriend, car-mechanic son in 'help mother' mode and youngest keen to do anything, we got stuck into various problem areas but I surprised myself and my new neighbour Tom by getting out a huge (though rotten) tree stump and nettle roots in a net round them!!
Lots more to do but a good start has been made inside and out :-)