Monday, 29 August 2011

I did it!!

Well despite various thwarted attempts, I finally managed to set up a membership for our local sports centres :-) I get the use of 12 sports centres with varying facilities but will be using the East Sands, St Andrews and Cupar ones the most, but I'll have a shot at some of the others just for fun! I'm booked in for an induction for the gym at East Sands tomorrow night but am hoping to change that so I can go with my pal when he pays his dues tomorrow - it'll be a saturday or monday next week but it'll get us started!

Today I found another challenge site for swimming, and have already started the Loch Ness challenge, which I know I've done it before but not with this all-singing all-dancing stuff, lol, I'm a sucker for gismos now and will be getting my pal to do it too, then we'll see who wins - always work better with a challenge, yay!! I've done 2.1% already in two sessions and my fastest 25m was 37sec, which is pretty slow again but it can only get faster :-)

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