Tuesday, 16 November 2010


I have been totally distracted from recording life, just living it has been a challenge lately!
I've kept up with some of my challenges but the Iron man one faded out, though I'd nearly finished the 3 elements, I was second in the *calorie challenge* for October which took up a lot of time and we seem to have adopted the *cake flower expert* for several days a week - one of my daughter's friends makes use of my elder son's empty bed and has been great company for younger son whilst daughter was away, bonus:)
I made it into the next stone down 2weeks ago which I was delighted about, and I've had 2 personal trainer sessions which were a huge eye-opener for me - I can do sooooo much more than I thought, yay! The gym has several offers for block booking trainer sessions so I'm going to see which one suits me - it won't be the 50 sessions for £800 though, awwww, one a week for a year would be fab but out the price range for my Christmas pressie this year :)
My main achievement lately is cooking from scratch for nearly every meal, balanced carefully, with something yummy at the end, often created by the *cake flower expert* who's been enjoying experimenting with ingredients he's never heard of, never mind tried. Mostly they've been successful but one dessert was sooo sweet even he couldn't eat it, and he's got a serious sugar craving!!
The next few weeks in the lead up to christmas are going to be busy, as they are for everybody but I'm looking forward to working out at the gym and getting all the extra cooking done, as well as having some fun - hubby's home for Christmas this year so that's def something to look forward to :)