Thursday, 19 May 2011

Proper smilin' today!

Had it confirmed this afternoon that my new house is in the bag, just a bit of paper shuffling and we're moving next month!!
It's a strange situation coz i want to be all happy but it means we're definitely splitting up but the trust has gone so we have to,,,,,,,
I think I'll just try to be happy that things are going to be more settled, the wee guy can get started in a new school with a seriously good HMI report and a great 2nd and 3rd yr syllabus, instead of being forced to decide standard grades at the end of 1st yr!! Not one of the many changes being dragged into the Scottish education system in some areas - thankfully not all :)
Not been too bad food-wise despite the tension yday and today over various problems with processing the bank stuff, and that would normally send me to the chocolate stash - lol, if I had one but the cash is short this month so silver lining in there too, lol!!

Am definitely feeling a bit better with this good news, stroll on the move :)

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Smile though your heart is breaking,,,,,,,,

Well we all survived Christmas but it wasn't the happiest, lots of tension between my husband and I that rumbled on and exploded at the end of feb when I discovered he'd been having an affair for 6months, and to rub salt in the wound the third party was older and fatter, not much comfort really coz I've spent 2 years improving myself and trying to get as slim and fit as I was when we married 22 yrs ago bit of a kick in the teeth when I'm already down to be honest and it's taken a while to get through some of this.
We had been talking of moving to another part of Scotland, so I kept looking and we have started the process of buying a house for me as part of my settlement. There are lots of legal things, and pension rights to be sorted by a lawyer next year along with the divorce but just getting sorted in a new area with my younger son is going to help my peace of mind - it wont help the hurt but the area I'm moving to already has friends nearby who are aware of the situation and are ready to help - with tissues and tea if required!!

Due to the obvious upset, comfort eating reared it's ugly head, esp with the 3rd party's shape, but I've only gone adrift by a stone, I've still the first 3st away and have caught myself before it gets any worse. I have been back at the gym after several weeks off for packing morning, noon and night it felt like. The swim today took it out of me, so I know I've some serious work to do but I feel so much better coz I've started back on the path, I filled in yday's and today's food diary and have a diet buddy on the site I use now so that should all help to get control before I move next month and all the adjustments that's going to take too!

Need to remember I'm doing this for me :D