Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Yeah, okay so it's not quite the same as the piccie but I haven't made bread for 12years - don't really know why, because I find it very soothing, and kneading's a good workout for shoulders and tum!!
Will do better next time, using half wholemeal and half white flour too, so the wholemeal(on the left this time) one's a bit lighter - you wouldn't believe it has twice the amount of yeast compared to the white cob loaf,,,,, and yes I know it looks a little squashed but heyho, I *know* what's in it and that's the important bit for me:)
That's the thing I like about my weightloss site is you can add all the ingredients and them how many portions and bingo - you know how many calories are in each slice, and because it's in the recipes, you only do it once, which is not how often I'm planning on doing  the bread, twice a week should keep us supplied on Monday and Thursday mornings I think, so I should have an update and hopefully improved effort later this week:)

Thursday, 23 September 2010

More changes

Well the Biggest Loser online club is going to join with wiehglossrecources, so I'm gong back to the original conline club!! But I'll be getting 3mts free membership as a sweetener and most of the people I've got to *know* are moving over too, so are the challenges so the Iron Man's coming too:)
Got a tank light for daughter and went to the shopping centre, her pal Jason's with us and he's a hoot - shopping's his favourite activity, yay, we even manged to get some jeans for daughter who's a seriously fussy size 6 with very long legs, bless her!!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

New site - New Challenge

On a new weightloss site I have found an Iron Man Challenge. We've to run 42kms, swim 3.86kms and cycle 182kms approx, these are pretty big amounts before Christmas, not as it should be over one weekend I think. I changed running for rowing as the achilles wouldn't cope with that at all!!
It's meant I've arranged my gym sessions round these activities, with free weights added to two of the 4 weekly sessions, youngest's gym sessions have changed with a new timetable so everything's getting tweaked to fit. It's also added a new focus to my sessions, and using the stepper for any 5-20mins gaps has helped get me back into the exercise groove!!
Another birthday has come and gone but instead of feeling frustrated that things haven't gone as quickly, I'm getting a new push forward because I haven't gone backwards, slipped a little but not full-scale reverse which I would normally have annoyed myself with, so the brain-shift has worked :D

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

How we forget the simple things,,,,

I was posting a comment on another blogger and I'd forgotten that, like me, people have comment moderation on and I think I've put a comment on twice, with slightly different wording so it just shows - I need to do this more often so I remember the basic rules!!
If you're reading this, feel free to bin the comments or only publish one - I was struggling with the sign in stuff too all at the same time, sorry!

Thursday, 2 September 2010


Had a great time today, the only fly in the ointment wass I strained my achilles heel again - was doing so well and had run for a minute with no hassles but the second set was just chancing my arn, or foot and it became very sore quite quickly so I stopped fast and muttered darkly under my breath:( But my swimming session went well - was feeling tired by the time I got there but divided up my 60mins into 12ths and counted up the time that way practicing my arithmetic while I worked! It's amazing how you can distract youself with mental exercises, 1/12, 2/12=1/6, 3/12=1/4 etc, found it quite entertaining when I got to 10/12. or 5/6, *not far now* and then the gym guy came in and emptied the spa to change the something-or-other, and it wasn't filled up by the time I was finished and I know that going into the sauna or steam room make me feel very tired - not something to do before attempting to walk home - a 6.5m hike!!
So when I did leave, I realised I didn't have any suncream and believe it or not I needed it at 1pm in brilliant sunshine whist walking in a brisk breeze so I got half-way and phoned my chaufeur to pick me up at a convenient spot and chattered all the way home about my achievements, lol!!
So today's exertions took 3hrs altogether - fab!!


Life doesn't half get in the way of getting fit sometimes, grrrrrr, rellies, deliveries, being kind to others - well that was hubby but he took the car, kid to college, nagging about jobs to the same *kid* and then the middle kid who's finished her course, getting titch organised after school and dealing with his disappiontment when he saw the car was still gone, so my campaign to *get back to normal*ie *back to the gym*  hasn't gone smoothly at all.
Off to the gym by myself this morning so I can run my own schedule instead of doing things around others, and as the weather's good-ish I'm planning to walk some of the way back and will phone for a pick-up when I get too knackered - it's 6 miles away and I'll be carrying my kit bag -it's not exactly small either, lol!!
Right, off to get sorted!