Thursday, 2 September 2010


Had a great time today, the only fly in the ointment wass I strained my achilles heel again - was doing so well and had run for a minute with no hassles but the second set was just chancing my arn, or foot and it became very sore quite quickly so I stopped fast and muttered darkly under my breath:( But my swimming session went well - was feeling tired by the time I got there but divided up my 60mins into 12ths and counted up the time that way practicing my arithmetic while I worked! It's amazing how you can distract youself with mental exercises, 1/12, 2/12=1/6, 3/12=1/4 etc, found it quite entertaining when I got to 10/12. or 5/6, *not far now* and then the gym guy came in and emptied the spa to change the something-or-other, and it wasn't filled up by the time I was finished and I know that going into the sauna or steam room make me feel very tired - not something to do before attempting to walk home - a 6.5m hike!!
So when I did leave, I realised I didn't have any suncream and believe it or not I needed it at 1pm in brilliant sunshine whist walking in a brisk breeze so I got half-way and phoned my chaufeur to pick me up at a convenient spot and chattered all the way home about my achievements, lol!!
So today's exertions took 3hrs altogether - fab!!

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