Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Yeah, okay so it's not quite the same as the piccie but I haven't made bread for 12years - don't really know why, because I find it very soothing, and kneading's a good workout for shoulders and tum!!
Will do better next time, using half wholemeal and half white flour too, so the wholemeal(on the left this time) one's a bit lighter - you wouldn't believe it has twice the amount of yeast compared to the white cob loaf,,,,, and yes I know it looks a little squashed but heyho, I *know* what's in it and that's the important bit for me:)
That's the thing I like about my weightloss site is you can add all the ingredients and them how many portions and bingo - you know how many calories are in each slice, and because it's in the recipes, you only do it once, which is not how often I'm planning on doing  the bread, twice a week should keep us supplied on Monday and Thursday mornings I think, so I should have an update and hopefully improved effort later this week:)

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