Tuesday, 21 September 2010

New site - New Challenge

On a new weightloss site I have found an Iron Man Challenge. We've to run 42kms, swim 3.86kms and cycle 182kms approx, these are pretty big amounts before Christmas, not as it should be over one weekend I think. I changed running for rowing as the achilles wouldn't cope with that at all!!
It's meant I've arranged my gym sessions round these activities, with free weights added to two of the 4 weekly sessions, youngest's gym sessions have changed with a new timetable so everything's getting tweaked to fit. It's also added a new focus to my sessions, and using the stepper for any 5-20mins gaps has helped get me back into the exercise groove!!
Another birthday has come and gone but instead of feeling frustrated that things haven't gone as quickly, I'm getting a new push forward because I haven't gone backwards, slipped a little but not full-scale reverse which I would normally have annoyed myself with, so the brain-shift has worked :D


  1. Ooh good luck tex. How many of you are doing it?x

  2. There's quite a few, but it's not going to take all that long - never do it for real though!!