Thursday, 2 September 2010


Life doesn't half get in the way of getting fit sometimes, grrrrrr, rellies, deliveries, being kind to others - well that was hubby but he took the car, kid to college, nagging about jobs to the same *kid* and then the middle kid who's finished her course, getting titch organised after school and dealing with his disappiontment when he saw the car was still gone, so my campaign to *get back to normal*ie *back to the gym*  hasn't gone smoothly at all.
Off to the gym by myself this morning so I can run my own schedule instead of doing things around others, and as the weather's good-ish I'm planning to walk some of the way back and will phone for a pick-up when I get too knackered - it's 6 miles away and I'll be carrying my kit bag -it's not exactly small either, lol!!
Right, off to get sorted!

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