Friday, 11 September 2009

Rowing for fun?

Never thought I'd be a fan but a bod on weightlossresources got me onto rowing at the gym and I do a 4min challenge each week to see if I'm improving, and guess what, I am, yay!! I added another 6m to last week's score and can now row 920m in 4minutes, can't believe 'couch potato' me can do stuff like this now but I ain't complaining, it's helping the weight come off so I'll just keep going, woohoo!!
Hubby's back from his ship and can't believe my stamina in the gym now compared to when he left 5 weeks ago, such a difference and I keep smiling about it which is the major change for the better, I like going!
My crafting hasn't started this week, but it's my birthday this weekend, so I'll get everything out after that and get started on the christmas cards, really can't get my head into that zone until I've done the birthday thing!
Really looking forward to good things this weekend:D:D

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Getting on with things.

This week has been a 'get on with things week', eldest is at college, middle is there each day and youngest is at school so I've been doing houseworky things. Motivation for gym has left the building but will be back tomorrow as I desperately need the exercise cals lol!
My healthy eating style is needing a boost so I had a look at some recipes on weightlossresources, the website I've lost over 3st or over 40lbs with and found some chicken recipes that sound good so I'll give them a go. The kids will all try new stuff now - they've had so many experiments that they know mostly mum chooses things we'll all like and I weigh everything I eat to keep things accurate, they get extra potatoes or pasta, grated cheese or whatever. All of my children are tall and slender so I'm only trying to make sure they have healthy food, and lots of exercise - including in the rain Scotland's famous for and let me assure you this last wee while if we had waited for dry days to do stuff in, we'd have been waiting for weeks!
My brother is re-training to become a plumber and comes over to our house for several nights each month for training with a company near us, he's due on wednesday so eldest's room was getting sorted today. made the bed, hoovered but haven't cleaned the window yet, will get round to that tomorrow!
I've started a rowing challenge on the Concept2 website using the machine at the gym and was 6 out of 17 for my age and weight section on their ranking page, each time I go to the gym I'm trying to improve it so stroll on tomorrow's session, I am strangely really enjoying the challenge of different disciplines needed for each machine and pushing myself a little bit more each time I'm there, I was so scared when I joined that i had tears in my eyes when I filled in the forms, a level of emotional wobbliness I didn't expect but hayho, I carried on and 5months down the line I'm getting far more out of it than I ever expected!!
When OH gets back this week, he joins me so I need to show him the improvements that I've made to my routines and he spots me in the weights area - excellent :D
My crafting has taken a backseat lately so I'm hoping to get some stuff out in a wee while as I've a few specific cards to do for family occasions so I'll need to get to them, and get started with the christmas ones - really love doing them!