Wednesday, 14 July 2010

This week's progress so far.....

Well the hall is nearly done, just need to dig out the sewing machine to get the curtains sorted and hang some pictures and it'll be completely finished, yay! I still managed my session at the gym this eveining with the wee guy and survived th cold shower afterwards too, something's wrong with the water in that place the spa was off limits and the pool was freezing, then the cold showers - not amused but I did mention it s, supposed to be o at least they might have a chance of getting fixed. Lots of people on their way out tonight and nobody but me mentioned it, strange!
Did a good shop y/day £61, supposed to be £60 for the week but I've got stores in for this and next week so still on track for my TMS challenge!!

1 comment:

  1. hard to keep the shopping bill down :(
    well done on your DIY efforts