Monday, 26 July 2010


How I love Mondays now, used to dread them with a passion as it would be the first day of dealing with tricky adults, then trying to teach children that had somehow lost the rule book on civility never mind reasonable behaviour and finding that break and lunchtimes didn't come quick enough or last long enough. I recently spent an afternoon with some kids and really, really enjoyed myself and I really think I need to get back to the positive relationship I used to have before it all got ruined but not yet, might see what I can do volunteer-wise after the holidays.
Today's tasks were to have a long lie reading a Jodi Picoult, then a leisurely breakfast, followed by a mammoth ironing session that's been put off for weeks, shower, lunch and off to the gym. Quick stop at Tesco for milk and bits, then home, eldest making tea, and watch something good on telly - actually *Galaxy Quest*. (
I can safely say I did everthing on my list, yay, and I just love that film 'never give up, never surrender', lovely escapism!!!!

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  1. I love it when I get everything I planned to do done. Feels oh too rare these days !