Saturday, 24 July 2010

When kids come for tea,,,,

Youngest's friend was invited over so they could both go to football at the gym, then he came for tea and a play and ended up staying over night - his mother was in shock as he never stays anywhere - she can never get rid of him, lol, but he's really comfy and relaxed here. I think it's because everybody's older than him and nobody hassles anybody, it was Friday which is a pretty relaxed day esp in the hols but I don't mind why, just pleased he enjoyed himself. His mum came round this morning to get him, as he requested, at 10.40am - safely missed his swimming training that started at 10.30 - very smart but in time for us to leave for youngest's karate so not annoying me!!
We had a good time there, youngest was really sweaty when he was finished so his work out was a tough as mine, then we had lunch and came home to chill. I really enjoy having him all to myself, with the youngest it's always tricky getting time just with them but we've got it sussed just now - he likes cooking so the twice weekly cooking sessions are proving popular, with all three of them actually, and another opportunity for one on one with all sorts of subjects coming up for discussion!!

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