Monday, 28 June 2010

He's on his way!

Al's off to work today, he's flown from Edinburgh to London and is waiting his next flight to Houston - not exactly a short commute but he loves his jet-setting life. He grew up on Islay (famous for it'sfabulous whiskies) as the second son of a distillery worker who went into the local co-operative shop and thought he'd be threre for years but got itchy feet and signed up for Her Majesty's Royal Navy!! Ships would have been obvious for an islander but not him, he went in for submarines and for years enjoyed himself but things change and he left after 15years and now he's all over the world - has seen more of the world than he ever did in the Navy as he was on Polaris and Trident subs which *never went anywhere* they just patrolled around under the oceans, except once he went to the US Navy base in Florida for them to pick up missiles!
I didn't put any pressureon him as he'd been in the navy when we married but I was very thankful he changed jobs as I had got tired of 40words a week from us to him and nothing back, the survey ship has e-mail and he's got skype on his laptop so communication is vastly improved, and I get texts telling me where he is in his journey - that's why I know he's made it to London!
For the next 8 weeks our eldest is on college holidays, middle one has finished her course and is looking for a job, and school ones start on Wednesday when my youngest leaves primary forever, I can't wait!!!!
Today I'm going to be spending some time sorting out activities for us to punctuate the next month with, when we're getting friends over and activities at the gym for titch and me to enjoy, but I'm off to the gym now for my aquarobics session!

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  1. what did we do before mobile and wifi!
    have to fess tex am not keen on the isles whiskeys. much more of balvennie or dalmore fan. my theory is its the water you grow up with as i like all the distilleries in the highlands x