Saturday, 12 June 2010

Good week until,,,,,,

We've had a really good week getting doors changed in the house, after 4 yrs of messing around with hollow, bashed ones we've now got ones like these,,,,,,
( )
with two long frosted glass panels to the handle thenwooden panels in the bottom with silver handles and now we need to take them all off again to paint, phew they will smell a bit but the low-odour paints we've used previously just don't hack the daily treatment of kids crashing about. We're going to paint them in the garage and bring them in when they're all dry. The skirting will be a bit stinky for a while but it'll all look lovely in the end! We had to get more wall paint because the fancy light-reflecting paint we bought last year may look good for a while but looks seriously dirty now and i've tried everything but the paint actually rubs off if you get it too wet so we bought *normal* silk emulsion that's *washable and scrubbable*, so here's hoping it does what it *does what it says on the tin*!!
Today we went over to the gym for youngest's session of karate, OH did some weights then went for a swim, I was treadmilling at different inclines and speeds then I went onto the wave machine and sweated some more and we all got together for lunch. Trip up to collect middle from the plant nursery she volunteers at, then quick change for her, some hand-washing for me as the washing machine's broken, and then we dropped her off at a pals for a bbq. We decided to go shopping at Asda in Livingston and I spent 2 hours wishing we hadn't, OH went to the loo and got accosted just outside them by some drunken b*****d that wanted his car keys/money/phone/anything of value! Thankfully he kept walking towards the front doors of Asda and got in there just after the pig decided to head-butt him which someone witnessed thankfully, as the cctv wasn't pointing OH's way, but it took 2 hours of careful questioning before the police were finished getting a statement, then we went to macdonalds, the shopping never got done and i'll have to drink hot juice again as I've no decaf but apart from a sore nose, OH's fine so nothing else matters!

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