Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Now I understand,,,,,,,,

Now I understand the surge in interest about this type of class, the lady doing our class was Julie, mentioned in the website and it was fabulous fun - did the whole class which I didn't expect and enjoyed every minute of it :) We were all starting from the *beginning*, so nobody was playing catch-up or should I say I wasn't playing catch-up which gives one much more confidence when trying new stuff!
The weekend went well exercise-wise as well as family-wise, daughter did college garden at gardening Scotland ( http://www.gardeningscotland.com/information.php ) and they got a silver gilt I think but also she came 11/36 in Britain in a Landscape construction competition - she was the TOP female competitor for Britain for 2010 and we're pleased as punch for her, she's bouncing around feeling seriously chuffed with herself, and of course can put it in her CV for getting a job now she's finished college! The gardener she voluteers with had a show garden in memory of his patrner and won a gold so she was pleased for him too!
We managed to pack in a proper visit to gardening scotland (to admire daughter's work properly!), pizza hut and a decent swim all on sunday, and I used my new waterproof mp3 player, kept me going through 50mins of swimming - fab!!
Only lost 300g on Sat weighin but it's started going down the way so that gave me the extra push to do more, on track with thepeteplan ( http://thepeteplan.wordpress.com/the-pete-plan/ ) week 1 and working through that will keep me focussed, with the swimming going up a level in effort and time, then zumba and well as next kg up in my weights workouts I feel I'm finally getting on a track I can stick to for the next 6 weeks I'll be following a schedule which always helps keep the motivation going!
Working towards our next holiday on Islay - happens to be *show week* when the big agricultural show is on when we'll be seeing loads of folk we haven't seen for years and they'll be very surprised to see what good shape I'm in, very satisfying frame of mind compared to times I've gone before and wanted to hide up behind the horses so folk wouldn't see how much I'd put on - not that they'd be nasty, I was just self-concious but I'll be slaving away to make sure the changes are continued, some people would be surprised to see me now never mind in 6 weeks time!!

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