Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Weigh-in this morning and I'm up 900g, can't believe after such a good week that it's gone up so looking at everything to get the numbers going down. I've been at this for 17months so I know what I'm doing but sometimes things can slip, maybe more water needed with the level of exercise I'm currently doing, or maybe more food as I'm inclined to err on the side of *less is more* and that's not what I should do but not very often, only on rest days which would make sense.
I haven't even lost inches/cms so that's what's really annoyed me as I can usually cheer myself up with that. Going off to the hairdressers this morning and should be feeling good about that but now feel guilty as it's supposed to be a treat but I can't cancel getting my roots done, so maybe I can convince myself it's essential maintenance, lol!!
Strange thing is I'm wearing clothes that are smaller than anything I've worn for 15 years but I don't know what I weighed then so can't compare and I shouldn't let the scales dictate but I need to see them going down because that's how I've always measured my success. I should just chuck them out and only use scales at the gym on Wednesday mornings, might find the strength to do that!!
On  a happier note, OH's nose didn't get any sorer, the bruising predicted was only at the corners of his eyes and hasn't been too sore - police phoned but they havn't got anything so don't rely on CCTV to help - improve your powers of observation each time your out so if you ever need to, you could give a decent description if something happens to someone else, when it's happening to ourselves it's very difficcult - this guy pointed a pencil or pen at my OH's side and he just kept looking at that to make sure the guy didn't stab him with it but apparently this is a common trip to distract victims from looking at their faces.
We now play spot the discription, and the wee one's supposed to find them in a crowd - building up skills but it's giving us a laugh too:)

(Changed the design colours so hopefully the problems have been fixed!)

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  1. It was so nice to see you pop in over at The Motivation Station today! We've missed you!