Saturday, 24 April 2010

Well, what can I say???

Well the dog's almost recovered but hubby go stuck until Thursday, that meant he was around to help with my mum when she fell ill on Tuesday. We just went round with her shopping (Mum's 79) in the morning and found her dreading another upset tummy - she gets these quite often always attibuted to a chill, or food that she shouldn't have eaten which is all nonsense, she has casually diagnosed IBS but nobody's every bothered to do the proper tests until she got really bad on Tuesday night and phoned me on Wed am to say she still felt bad - the doc did do a housecall and I was there to make sure she told the truth *oh I'm much better now* is the usual refain that she wasn't getting to trot out this time.
Sure enough the doc wanted her in hospital to stop the bleeding and to get everything investigated, so hubby was around to drive us and drop us off at the right doors, yay!
They've found out it's warfarin thats caused the problem so she just stops taking it and is careful about problems again, and she should be fine:)
The rest of the week was spent visiting her with my wee bruv but I'm going in tonight with my kids so they don't worry anymore about granny - they're other granny went into a different hospital and never came out 18months ago, so they were understandably very upset about the one they had left being in one but things have been dealt with differently and her treatment would appear to be easier so got everything crossed it stays that way!!
Got back to the gym this morning and did 3000m on the rower and 500m swimming so feeling like life is getting back to *normal*, however long that lasts:):)

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