Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Poor doggie's feeling better!

The dog's feeling much better these days and is jumping up when youngest comes home from school again, we get a lovely welcome too now, whereas just after the attack he would cower in his bed to see who was coming in and sniff round later when he was sure nobody else was coming in.
We've also had another distraction, hubby's still here, he should be on a survey ship in the Gulf of Mexico but the Icelandic ash cloud has stopped his travel and he's now 2days overdue, with very little likelihood of getting there anytime soon -  he's just phoning the office now to see if he can get any answers and also to show willingness to try to do something from over here if needed. The travel folk might get shirty but he's willing to try anything to get there, he likes his job:):)
The result of this on the rest of us is the kids think it's *great* and I'm enjoying the extra treats of having lunch out in quiet restraunts with no kids (they're back in school/college), but it's playing havoc with my schedule for the gym - just don't feel the urgency to get there at all! To combat the aversion, I packed my new gym bag with all the things I'll need tomorrow this afternoon and no matter what temptations are on offer - I'm gymming first!!
I normally love going and the buzz afterwards but my routine has been stuffed with our trip to Islay, the dog being attacked and now hubby's delayed departure, so I'm looking forward to dragging my sorry backside there tomorrow and getting the sweat running:D

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