Monday, 12 April 2010

Found them!

Here we go,,,,,,,
Port Charlotte Lighthouse House just tucked in behind the main feature!!

This shows what a fab house it was, and for some of the time we did bask in sunshine 'cos we took these photos:) There were only two bedrooms upstairs as the original 3rd one has been converted to a bethroom and store(for the family) but there's another bedroom down stairs that youngest bagged, with an en-suite as he made sure everybody he talked to knew all about it, very impressed he was but the whole house had a lovely relaxed atmosphere to it and the sunroom on the front was high enough to give views all through 180', the house I used to live in when we first moved to Islay was the manse which stands half a mile away and I used to see this house from my bedroom window, so it was very strange - in a nice way - to stay there!

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