Thursday, 15 April 2010

Poor doggie

Our week has been pretty messed up as our dog was attacked by two Great Dane dogs on monday morning and he had to have stitches in various places and has several leaking wounds that can't be stitched or they would go septic. The poor soul has been wandering around with a plastic cuff round  his neck to stop him nibbling his wounds and he clunks around the place trying to do normal stuff but he's absolutely terrified of going out just now, and quakes at the smallest dog - even the wee thing that lives next door.
My husband had a few scratches and bruises from being knocked to the ground by the first dog, and jumped on by the second, so he's suffering badly from flashbacks and trying to *get on with things*, but needing some tlc every now and again!
The rest of the time I've been catching up with washing, cleaning and cooking - the gym's a distant memory but hoping to go tomorrow for a swim and get food back in control over the weekend, then onto the hard grind again next week. Got a couple of fitness magazines and they have some exercise routines, so I'll get my diary done for next week with food and gym stuff, and just get back to *normal*:D

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  1. What a horrible thing to happen to your dog! I remember the horror of one of our old ones getting attacked and the nervy wait for news at the vets afterwards.... not nice. Hope he heals up soon, bless!