Sunday, 30 May 2010

Making decisions!!

Sometimes we bimble(wander) along doing the same things over and over without realising that the my be good for us but we need to different things to keep interested. I have been doing the same sorts of things for some time, and eating the same things really too, so i've had a big shake-up!!
I've re-organised my kitchen cupboards, changed my schedule at the gym and with better weather, planning for more outside exercise and have found tescodiets where they give you menu's, that you can swop, but a basic structure to work around!
So I'm starting June with a clean kitchen, well had to clean it out before filling it again, schedules at the gym have been changed with junior's timetable being re-arranged, and very different food being prepared from scratch - I like cooking but got in a rut so these new menu's are great for unusual ingredients too!!
The garden's blooming courtesy of some extra effort when I had a really bad cold, couldn't take that to the gym but I could drip happily in the garden sorting out new plants and getting the weeds out before they took over the grass, phew!
OH has just arrived back from the Gulf of Mexico and despite the ash cloud and BA strikes he was only a few days late and he's ready to do some DIY around the house, so I'd better get the brushes and rollers out - I'm usually painting behind wherever he goes with his sander or drill, lol, off to dig them out the cupboard along with some sandpaper to the fiddly bits - oooh I love spring fever :):)

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