Thursday, 25 February 2010

Nearly finished February.

I now know why my mother used to say *doesn't time fly* I can't believe it's nearly March, been very busy this month with my gym challenge and have got more than 20,000exercise calories which is a new record for me. With my children going to the gym now, i've been able to go for two sessions some day and really enjoyed the opportunity - this time last year i wouldn't even walk into one, far too embarrassed to admit I needed to change things to complete strangers but eventually i got myself a bit fitter and joined in the May.
Since then I've followed my own regime but I think the time has come to get some advice from the trainers there but I'm still working on that! I managed to get things back on track and one of my *cyber friends* started a challenge that I've been following for 4 weeks, the idea is to get fitter and improve body shape rather than only to loose weight - just as well as in 4wks I've only lost 4lbs but that's in the same time i've worked off all those calories so they almost balance each other out!
I've another 4 weeks to go to the end of that challenge but I've much further to go on my weightloss journey. Something we were all trying to do was eat new foods, this is something very difficult for me to do as I have a wide variety of food intolerances but as I've been cutting out the junk, I've found it much easier to integrate some of them back in, still have problems with turnips but hey I can live without them!!
TMS has us loving our houses this week so I've been cleaning and de-cluttering - starting with my wardrobe and dumping all the clothes that are too large now, loved it:) Nearly got the kitchen finished - how do so many odd things end up there? Pliers, one glove (it's always one!), a cup from a flask that was thrown out last year, tubs with no lids, lids with not tubs, lol, had to take stuff over to the re-cycle centre - too much for the bins!

The garden's covered in snow again so it's inside tidying for now - though the windows are next:):)

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