Sunday, 28 February 2010

March Challenges

I keep myself on this weightloss journey by finding different challenges to keep me motivated. So today after my gym session I went into the pool for the start of a swimming challenge I found on the swimmers board (on WLR) swimming from one end of Loch Ness to the other, 34kms, I did the first 500m today and feel great too:) Technically should be at the Inverness end by the end of June at 2kms a week but I feel very bouncy after doing the 500m today so we'll see - I might get quicker and hubby's promised me a dolphin MP3 player for Mother's day, that'll keep the boredom at bay and I've been told about a counter thingy that goes on your finger but just now I use a coin and turn it over every 2 lengths, I know there are 5 turnovers across the pool tiles so I can count complete tiles as 10's, counting lengths - sorted:)

I still take part in the 10k Friday challenge which has seen my completion improve by 5mine since I started it in November, in the exercise calories challenge I was 4th out of 38, actual amount was 23,872, so I moved up one space but this month I don't think I'll be so obsessive about that one, I found it took up a lot of time, being a sahm I have that but I need to do stuff here and I was running out of energy to do housey things:(
So for this month I'll do my treadmill on 11 incline to prepare for hill/mountain climbing in the summer, weights (free and machine - I like the mix), swimming Loch Ness, 10k Fridays, rowing - March challenge on concept2's website, re-start the 100 pushup challenge and finish each gym session on what I call the *glidey* machine, it's a stepper come cross trainer that has a gliding motion for your feet/legs to do similar to skiing, but I find it's a great polisher for my sessions!!
So I start March feeling very positive, I've lost 12lbs and have sorted various interests to suit me, my children as really enjoying to the gym, eldest is happy at college, hubby loves his job and my mother at 79 is still happily and safely driving!
All is right in my world and I am very grateful and thankful to find myself thus!

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  1. I am so proud of you, Tex! Please link up this post at the Motivation Station, You Totally Rock!! That is California slang for you are Fabulous.