Friday, 8 January 2010

Success with Challenge!

The Motivation Station Challenge for this week was to replace something unhealthy for healthy and I swopped biscuits for oatcakes and/or fruit and I've done it!!
I also got hubby back from the Gulf of Mexico, he had to fly from Houston to Frankfurt to Edinburgh but those airports were fine and all went well - upstairs snoozing away now as I type:D
Managed to stay on track for my housework and found some fun to enjoy with my kids, some dvds and veturing outside for a laugh and snowball fight! Youngests school due back on Monday, daughter's college cancelled classes this week and she starts again on Monday too with a bit of luck!
Have also re-started our chore charts, usually a good way to keep everyone motivated to help in the house so mum doesn't get overwhelmed and they've been great this week - sweetened with a little pocket money for the younger ones, eldest knows he's costing a fortune at college so is very willing, bless them!
The snow has just started again so hubby's really going to get a surprise tomorrow when he wakes poor soul, had him all muffled up today to make sure the temp change isn't too traumatic - it's a bit of a contrast lol!
Right off to get the diary done for next week, and the menus, and the message lists, life is never dull!

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