Monday, 4 January 2010

***It's still coming down***

This is totally amazing, we've been using the sleds to bring the shopping in from the car the few times we've made it to the supermarket - the car had to be parked at the end of our street, so there was plenty of walking to be done then! We did finally get some grit last week so the car can just make it down the street but the lump in the middle of the track will take out my bumper if it doesn't start to melt soon - or maybe I'll have to get out there and skim off some height, a bit cheaper than getting a garage bill to put the bumper back on!!
Doing a healthy eating challenge with The Motivation Station, for this week's challenge I've decided to substitute biscuits for oatcakes and/or fruit to improve my 5-a-day ration that our goverment is always advising us to achieve. I actually feel a lot better when my veg ration is bigger but fruit I kinda get stuck with bananas and blueberries, with frozen raspberries at this time of year, so adding in a few grapes and an apple with oatcakes should make it more fun - I can only try:D

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