Saturday, 29 August 2009

Weekend aleady, times-a-flying!!

I really can't believe I'm at another weekend but it's Saturday and for a change I went to the gym today, at 8.30am!!! had a great time as it was practically empty but my hrm's playing up sometimes the hearbeat is detected and other times it's not so I had to go with my exercise planner and it's cals calculations today, it kept going on and off, which made it worse but the chest strap may need a new battery, not sure yet. And I beat someone in the pool, me, lil' ole me actuaslly swam faster then someone lese who looked like they were going fast but obviously weren't!!

Eldest son's watching What Killed the Mega Beasts on Discovery Science with daughter and younger son glued too, so they're learning something and I'm skiving on here but I bought Daddy Day Care, Daddy Day Camp and Where's my car??? so we're having a dvd fest tonight, might get some popcorn and fizzy juice to get the total effect!!

I also bought Steel Magnolias for a good greet when daughter goes to college on Tuesday, REALLY going to enjoy the house to myself for the first time in over a year, well since elder son left school last year!!

After all the upset I decided to decorate elder son's bedroom as a surprise for his homecoming y/day, yes well he was bored with no TV and the surprised was well recieved, he loved it so i was chuffed, I know most people pinch their kids rooms when they move out but I knew he be back and forward to he=is digs and had chosen walpaper but never had it put up so with a bit of paint and some new bedding and a rug, the room looks brand new!!

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  1. That is so nice your son was pleased with his room. Movie night is always fun. Send my best.