Tuesday, 25 August 2009

One really bad weekend!

On Saturday night I decided to take the kids to the cinema and nearly got hit by another car who didn't pay any attention to the fact that I had right of way on the roundabout! Then we nearly got rear-ended by boy racers on the way home - not something I'm going to repeat anytime soon!!
On Sunday I wished I had been nudged because things just got worse so I thought I'd let cyberworld see what can happen to a normal person who thinks everything she needs to worry about is traffic on the M8
*My son was due to move into his flat today for starting college tomorrow and it all went wrong!
My day started badly because I couldn't get my bro on his phone and he was coming in his van to take stuff to Greenock, I wanted to check when he was arriving:( He was due at 8.30am and by 8.50 the air was blue and I was packing the car with the essentials, tv, dvd player, ipod clock, some clothes, pots, towels, kitchen utensils, you get the picture! By he time we'd finished it was 9.10 and we needed to leave as we had to meet the landlord at 10.30 and the M8 is notorious for problems any day of the week:!

So we left daughter in case Uncle Ru turned up and needed a guide, and because she didn't fit in the car and set off on the 'big adventure':)

Typically the M8 was fab and we got there in 50minutes and nipped into Lidl for some essentials and to use their loo lol!

And we waited, and waited, and waited, we checked the flat door again in case the landlord has arrived through the back entrance, and waited and waited. After about 30mins we phone the Edinburgh number we had - no answer, so we waited, and waited, we went over previous conversations he had had with the big lad and came to the conclusion that the landlord thought the 23rd was Monday not Sunday, argh.

I can't get there for 10.30 on a Monday morning 'cos the wee guy only goes to school at 8.30 and the Kingston bridge in Glasgow is a nightmare in the rush hours (7.30-9.30), so we decided to see if anybody was in at Uncle Ru's, who still wasn't answering the phone but was only 30mins away:)

When we got there auntie was in, Uncle Ru was out with only boy at football - had lost phone and forgotten all about it, double arggh! We had lunch there, yes lunch and then decided that since Uncle Ru was on nightshift he could take big lad over to Greenock for 10.30 tomorrow and deal with the landlord. Big lad has cheques for rent and deposit and anything I've to sign will have to be done here when landlord is on his way home (Edin number so he has to go past), or by post!!!

Big lad transferred everything into Uncle's van, left another message with landlord and I came back with small lad, a headache and no interest in making dinner so we're having a chinese meal and I'm going to enjoy every mouthful!

The good news is daughter tidied up everywhere downstairs, it looks fab and I only ate half the Chinese, well I am on a health kick and there’s only so much egg fried rice I can eat these days!

Just after my meal I had a policewoman at the door asking if I own a Peugeot 308, yes, number******?, yes and were you in Tescos today, no say I, I was in Greenock, was anybody else driving your car? No I was driving it in Greenock. Someone driving your car was in the petrol station this morning, Oh right that was me, you said Tesco's not the petrol station, yes I was there about 8.20, says I,,,,,,,,,
It then transpires that the attendants had phoned the police about 9.10 to say someone had driven off without paying for a paper and petrol and they'd given my reg number!!

So I rummaged around in my bag trying to find the receipt that I don't always get (but will from now on, if I ever go there again) and explained whilst moving the rummage to the car in the garage that I drive a diesel car and paid for my fuel with my Tesco clubcard then a bank card at the pump, I never went into the shop at all. She wrote it all down in a statement and got me to sign it and said she was quite happy they'd made a mistake on the reg number, told me to always get a receipt and left, not a good day at all!!*

Monday wasn't a whole lot better because the landlord left the big lad in a flat with no power, so he had to organise a power company to come out and reset the metre and they can't come til Wed afternoon so he stayed at his uncles last night and tonight and finally should be able to get sorted out tomorrow and actually stay there tomorrow night, and get to know Greenock before his course starts next week!

My husband tried to cheer me with the old adage the troubles come in threes - not for three days honey, you had it bad!!!

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