Friday, 18 December 2009

Only a week to go!!

Have had a really good day with a christmas lunch at the gym with friends I've made at the aqua aerobics class, and the salsa one too! I also did my aqua class first thing despite being snowed in and then the 10k friday challenge - 18m47sec, soo chuffed that's coming down nicely. I also did the rowing 1000m in 4.35min can't seem to get that down to 4.2ish but working on it:D

When I was out some clothes arrived from the catalogue and they fit beautifully, I've gone down 3/4 sizes (depending on shop) and 'normal' size 9 shoes - don't need extra wide anymore, hurray!!
AND it's only a week to go until we have our last official visit from Santa, my youngest will 'know' next year so it won't be quite the same but this time I will cherish the fun and excitement!
We're battling snow over here, a whole 4/5inches for goodness sake, tut! I'm afraid we have a very dim view of how the English cope as their roads and airports seem to struggle an awful lot. A few of our roads are closed through the Highlands mostly but the panic you see from the telly is hard to take seriously because as our weather changes we'll get far worse and just have to get on with it.
Anyway my New Year's Resolution is to carry on with the gym, keep eating healthily and learn more about blogging and use my blog more!!
Have a great time during the Christmas break and I'll drop by here much more!

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