Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Just dropped my car off at a new garage, almost like leaving your child with a new nursery - I did say almost, lol, but I worry about what they'll tell me it needs done, and if it makes it through it's service with flying colours or a big black mark coz it needs more work!! It's only 4 yrs old but that's not young by my standards, it's the oldest car I've had for 8yrs but it's my pal now :-)
This is on top of finding a new doctor, looking for a dentist, and a vets - got the doctor sorted, just working on the rest which might be easier as there's a vets near the garage,,,,,
Youngest has settled into his new school almost without incident, so I'm on the lookout for telltale signs that things aren't as smooth as they look but trying to enjoy the plain sail we have just now. He's found Cadets, a junior army club type thing that two of the local girls he's got to know have introduced him to and he's really enjoying that 2 evenings a week. We go swimming at least twice a week too, and are just waiting for him to turn 14 when he can start using the local authority gyms - yeehaa - sweating alongside mum should be interesting :-) The evening dog walks are another way for us to chat and get some exercise as well as meet other folks around the place, and of course get tips from other dog-walkers about good routes too, it's very interesting countryside with lots going on with it being harvest-time and a very extensive warren of paths used by walkers, dog and normal, lol, horse-back riders and mountain cyclists, will need to take the camera next time we wander around!!
I have started back on the healthy diet and exercise regime I used to have before life threw me a curve-ball and have dragged my pal along into the world of gym and swim, he's just about coping and actually kept going when I had labrynthitus and had a week off, so he's completed the brain shift for exercise but needing work and effort for the healthy eating part but that'll come as he learns the food is for fuel message, with a wee divert into treats occasionally too!!
The house decoration has ground to a halt as I was distracted by the good weather into the garden, then the poor weather sent me to the gym, and now I need to schedule painting woodwork or I'll never get it done, lol!!

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