Monday, 5 October 2009


Autumn has hit pretty hard here, the trees got a right battering at the weekend and bits of them can be found all over the roads and gardens, but that's normal stuff unlike the problems round the world.
I always find it harder to loose weight when the days get shorter because confort food is so lovely but calorific and i do less walking in this kind of weather, but this year's different. I've got loads of lower cal recipes, or cal counted ones so at least I know how much I'm eating and I'm a member of a gym that I love going to - my times of day are usually between 9 and 12 and the gym is practically empty so I can sweat and gasp without folks realising how unfit I am lol!! I have my ipod on so I don't hear myself either but I do check my heart rate monitor to make sure it's not too high! Recently the weighloss has slowed to a stop but I'm doing much more and have better sessions in the gym so I know it's muscle replacing fat and we all know that's heavier!
Life in general is rolling along, housework has to be repeated and I'm finding ways of making it more fun, but there's nothing more satifying than scrubbing a grubby bathroom when you're looking for things to do, and let me assure you with 3 gardeners in the house, the bathroom can get grubby very quickly.
Gardening leads me to last weeks fun. Over at a friend's house we lifted her monoblock round her garage and used some of it to start a wall for a border, daughter is learning Landscape Construction and Design at Oatridge College and friend said she could practice on her garden so her wall-building skills were being polished and will get more polished as there's plenty more wall to build - the border is about 30m/yards long so it will take a while waiting for a half-decent day so the mortar will set! And then we get the fun bit, planting it out and building some others for planting out too. Friend has arthritus in her back and needs raised beds to tend and far less grass to cut, hence the wall-building frenzie!
On Saturday, during the worst of the bad weather, hubby and I had a lovely indoor job, putting up new tracking for cutains at my mother's bedroom window and hung up new light curtains on the inside track with heavier ones on the outside track that she'd wanted us to swop from one room to another so that all got fixed. Then I looked out the windows we were hanging the curtains in front of and got a bucket of soapy/vinegary water, with the hose, and got them all cleaned, rinsed and squeegeed to a shine - love doing windows that are really needing a good slosh, the sun came out just after and they positively sparkled. How strange but sometimes doing good honest cleaning is good for you:)
Right, I'm away off to do my windows now, they're looking seriously mucky and I'm looking for that glow again!!


  1. You've been busy! I love clean windows too.

  2. We've missed you this week at The Motivation Station! Did you forget about us? Come on by :-)

  3. I'll be following- love your blog!

    WHen you have a second, come by and say hi... I think you'll like what I'm writing about.